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Customer Care Translation

Cutting Costs on Multilingual CSRs

Chat is quickly becoming the preferred means for companies to communicate with their customers. Chat is replacing voice and e-mail, providing a window of opportunity for companies to better serve their customers and to do so in a more cost effective manner.

The CSRs are able to think and solve problems in their native language thereby providing better and more accurate service while reducing customer care costs. Employing multilingual CSR staff is expensive and unnecessary through the use of Yappn’s customer care solution.


Key Benefits

  • Reduces costs by eliminating the need to employ multilingual CSRs
  • Increases customer satisfcation by servicing the customer in their language of choice
  • Open API allows for integration with virtually any customer service platform such as LivePersonTM, HelpshiftTM, etc
  • Empowers companies to turn mutli-language service requests into sales opportunities