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Dynamic Website Translation

Making Globalization a Reality

Companies have traditionally handled the requirement to support multiple languages by creating ‘localized’ sites for each language. This is a costly, error prone and inefficient strategy.

Yappn’s DWT solution enhances an existing website with translation as opposed to replicating it, optimizing your site’s traffic for search rankings while capturing new markets by communicating freely without a language barrier.

Did you Know?

  • 65% of online visitors speak a native language other than English
  • Visitors are three times more likely to buy a product from a website presented in their native language
  • Users browse twice as long on websites presented in their native language
  • 78% of the US Hispanic population speak Spanish as their preferred language (roughly 42 million)
  • 68% of Chinese users spend less or no time on English (only) websites

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Key Benefits

  • Efficient – maintain and update one site instead of multiple language sites
  • Scalable – add new languages as required
  • Enhanced SEO – Web traffic from multiple regions is aggregated to bolster
  • Integration – seamless, quick and cost effective
  • Data security & reliability –delivered from its Microsoft Azure® cloud-based platform