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Social Marketing Translation & Intelligence

Where language is not a barrier

Social Marketing efforts are on the rise. Differentiate yourself by directing traffic to a branded webpage to see your social media updates where language is not a barrier.

Yappn’s Marketing Services & Intelligence tools provide brands with multilingual online marketing engagement, socialization and monitoring tools such as Social Wall, Global Tweets Twitter Chats, multilingual subtitling and social media monitoring.

These multi-language solutions increase the audience size by engaging participants that would not otherwise be able to follow along due to Social Media single language limitations.


Screenshot of UFC fighter Anderson Silva website with Yappn Corp translation technology being used to translate the website.

Key Benefits

  • 65% of online visitors speak a native language other than English
  • Visitors are three times more likely to buy a product from a website translated in their native language
  • Users browse twice as long on websites translated in their native language
  • 78% of the US Hispanic population speak Spanish (roughly 42 million)
  • 68% of Chinese users who are residents in North America spend less or no time on English (only) websites