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This is the story of how an Internet service provider earned my undying loyalty in part due to their ability to speak my language.

It wasn’t a foreign language, but the comparison is apt. See, in my technical world, the lingua franca is Windows but I am a more uncommon Linux speaker/user. Linux is an alternative operating system that I use in place of Windows.

I still speak Windows fairly fluently, but at home I’m all Linux, and there’s not nearly as much tech support for it as there is for Windows.

I switched to Teksavvy, my current Internet provider several years ago when my then-current provider (one of the big guys) spoke only Moron when I called for tech support.  They tried to blame my problem on my use of Thunderbird rather than Outlook email, when in fact the problem was one of their mail servers had gotten blacklisted for sending spam and every time I tried to email my mother her own provider rejected it.

Such is the level of support you get from a company that outsources its tech support to people sitting in a room in the far-off Kingdom of Moronia with a script of only common fixes to common problems and no actual computers or Internet access available.(Yes really. I pushed on this point when I wanted to email proof of the blacklisting.)

I didn’t switch to Teksavvy because they provided Linux support. My primary reason was they had an excellent reputation for knowledgeable tech support and it turned out to be every bit as good as advertised.  But the fact that they had Linux support was an extra selling point, even though they weren’t always available when I needed them.  Because no other provider in Ontario offered even part-time Linux support for folks like myself, it made my current provider extra-valuable to me.

There’s a direct parallel to foreign language support here. What if the problem was that I was a Windows user, but I spoke Polish better than English? Who wants to wade through a support call for a technology you may not understand all that well in your own language, in a language you barely speak if at all?

With Yappn’s real-time chat support language translation, not only do all your users speak the languages your customers communicate best in, but you can offer that service at any time, because with Yappn’s simple integration with your existing chat platform it doesn’t matter if the Polish or Chinese or French-speaking specialists aren’t available. Your prospect or customer types in their language – “I have a question about something” – and your chat specialists see it translated into their own native language. They respond in kind and your prospect/customer sees it in their language.

Who knew you were such a fluent Polish speaker? Your mother would be so proud of you!

Written by Nicole Chardenet, Sales Representative at Yappn. For more information, visit us at http://yappn.com/ or contact us at sales@yappn.com

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