Why does language matter?  Language can help to increase your audience.  Whether you are creating a film, music, website or a blog, being available in different languages is always a benefit.

Blogs are now extremely popular for both personal writing and for a business.  A blog combines text, images and links to other blogs, sites and other media related to the topic.  Blog topics can range from creative writing to reviews to photo and video entries.  Companies are also starting to create blog sites to attract a wider audience.

There are many different sites that can be used to host blogs with the most popular being Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger.  There are over 300 million Tumblr blogs and over 400 million people view blogs on WordPress monthly.  According to critics and bloggers alike, Blogger is the most popular site of the three, however they don’t offer public statistics on their user numbers.  With many of the blogging sites available in multiple languages, Tumblr in 13 languages, WordPress in over 20 and Blogger in 50, it allows each of the blogging sites to attract an international audience.  Many people can both write and read in many different languages, which will allow their blog the chance to be known globally.

Interesting content is one of the top 3 reasons that people follow brands on social media plus B2B marketers using blogs generate 67% more leads.  When businesses are using one of these blogging services, they can be assured that they have the opportunity to appeal to their international clients as they can reach a multilingual base.  This is especially important as they will want to use their blog as a way of having a more personal interaction with their customers worldwide.

An article on QuickSprout showed how the search traffic for their blog increased 47% once they translated it into 82 different languages.  By having their blog published in multiple languages it attracted more search traffic which in turn attracts more readers.  Because language matters!


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Written by Cara Buckspan, Social Media and Support Representative at Yappn. For more information, visit us at or contact us at

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