Get Global, Get Mobile!

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Wanna sell more stuff? Mobile matters. Optimize for those thingies everyone’s always glued to, even your mother who tweeted out the week’s specials on her Etsy handmade Walking Dead toilet paper holders while you were trying to tell her over dinner you just got engaged.

A good mobile experience is critical to successful eCommerce.  Companies that want to make the most of their opportunity to sell globally should ensure that their online site can be properly adjusted to a mobile, as well as tablets, iPads and a wide variety of other devices. If your site doesn’t technologically translate well you’re going to lose potential customers.

Speaking of translation, now you’ve also got a language issue. Can you learn Chinese? Like, say, by the end of the day tomorrow? Don’t forget, there are two – Mandarin & Cantonese. Because China will surpass the US this year as the world’s largest retail market with total sales of nearly $5 trillion. That’s not a typo, that’s 5 with twelve zeroes after it. Translated from the yuan, that means over $750B in Yankee dollars. Or nearly a trillion in Canuckbucks. And guess what device they mostly surf on in China?

Global mobile spending is now at 55.5% and headed toward 68% by 2020. But you’re only going to get a small piece of it if your website only speaks…whatever you speak now.

Amazon ‘gets it’, to the tune of $10M in Chinese orders so far, a worthy challenger for, Alibaba, and other APAC eCommerce behemoths. Maybe it’s their Chinese-speaking mobilized website and operations, hmmm? Translation matters. A lot.

You may not be Amazon but you can still claim a chunk of that wildfire Asian spending. Because eCommerce is growing like crazy all over Asia, not to mention the rest of the non-English-speaking world.

Fluency in device experience is a great milestone to reach – and globalizing your customers’ experience with multilingual translations opens you up to revenue streams you haven’t even imagined. Afraid you can’t support new customers without expensive multilingual specialists? Sure you can, with enhanced machine translation.

There are 3.6B Internet users as of the end of June, and only a quarter of them are primarily English-speaking. They’re dropping fast with Chinese speakers hot on their heels.

And guess what…three-quarters of Chinese websurfers access the Internet on smartphones.

Get mobile, then get global!

Yappn is a US-based innovative language services provider offering a way better translation experience than running your website through a single translation engine. With our software, we speak Chinese (both of them!) and 67 other languages as well (68 if you count Klingon. Yes really. We speak Klingon. They wanna buy stuff too y’know!) For more information or to book a quick demo, let’s Yapp! 





Written by Cara Buckspan and Nicole Chardenet, Social Media and Sales at Yappn. For more information, visit us at or contact us at

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