Cyber Monday 2016 – It’s Localized, Are You?

Cyber Monday 2016 was trending on Google as of Monday, November 21st. Everybody is getting cranked up for the biggest family holiday weekend of the year and Black Friday is when live human retail sales are projected to reach nearly $656 billion this year – a 3.6% increase over last year. Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year for North America, is expected to reach $91.6 billion, and it’s expected to be the largest online shopping day in history. Take that, Alibaba and Jack Ma! We see your Singles Day 2016 sales and quintuple them! (And oh yeah, Thanksgiving is on Thursday or something)

Eda Gobbler of Pontiac Michigan - Hasn't been threatened with a Thanksgiving axe in years after he sold $100,000 in cars on Black Friday. Regularly named Most Valuable Salesturkey at 'Miles' Standish's Insane House of Wheels. Now manages their Cyber Monday website specials. Photo by Lara Danielle on Flickr

Eda Gobbler of Pontiac, Michigan – Hasn’t been threatened with a Thanksgiving axe in years after he sold $100,000 in cars on Black Friday. Regularly named Most Valuable Salesturkey at ‘Miles’ Standish’s Insane House of Horseless Carriages. Now manages their Cyber Monday website specials.
Photo by Lara Danielle on Flickr

Thanksgiving or not, Cyber Monday isn’t just for North Americans anymore just as China’s Singles Day is growing quickly for Asians outside of China and will be available to Western shoppers in a few more years.  Cyber Monday has begun to invade Canada, Australia, Japan and Colombia and this year Germany is beginning to show interest as it trends regionally for Cyber Monday 2016 searches on Google Trends.

So, as your online website marketplace gears up for Cyber Monday 2016, are you ready for all the shoppers who may visit your website, or just the ones who die Englisch sprechen?

If your online marketplace isn’t localized for at least a few other languages, as the old saying goes, you just left money on the table, but think about it for next year. Even if it’s just Spanish for American sites or French for Canadian sites, with a good website translation and your SEO optimized for the foreign-language queries people will type into Google, you can reach out to shoppers who are no longer confined to deals in their own countries for Cyber Monday 2016. Hey, in the U.S. it’s just safer, as so far there has never been a single recorded death in connection to Cyber Monday which is more than Black Friday can claim (although widespread mouse-clicking finger strains and other repetitive strain injuries have been linked to Cyber Monday).

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Just take a look at the edgy, downright brilliant move Lowe’s Home Improvement just made in multilingual customer service. They absolutely ‘get it’. They’ve just debuted the Oshbot, a ‘Lowe-bot’ that speaks seven different languages and helps customers find anything in the warehouse. It’s not perfect, but it’s a helluva good start – just imagine if you were a non-English-speaking immigrant who would like to buy from Lowe’s but can’t face the embarrassment of dealing with monolingual floor staff with your broken or non-existent English, (or, think about being an English-speaker living in a foreign country who can’t even read the alphabet…how likely are you to go into one of their stores and try to communicate in the one language you know?).

They don’t have website translation yet but if the Oshbot is successful that will be their next step which will help them to rake in even more revenue during next year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017.

So what’s Yappn doing for Cyber Monday 2016?

We’re glad you asked! While translation services generally aren’t on anyone’s wish list to Santa (well, they might be for Lowe’s Home Improvement now!) we’ve got our own special for you for the week of Cyber Monday 2016. Through Friday, December 2nd, Yappn will offer:


That offer’s good in all 67 of our language offerings, which cover just about all of the major languages of Europe (eastern & western), Asia and Africa, as well as a few languages you’ve probably never even heard of! Call, email, or drop a line from our website. We also accept carrier pigeons, smoke signals, and yelling for our attention (it works better if you’re in the same room rather than the same continent).

Happy Cyber Monday 2016!




Yappn Corp is an enhanced machine translation company who really wants a cool multilingual service-bot of our own, even though we don’t have a store. Wouldn’t that be an awesome office gopher, though? For now, we’ll settle for making your online live chat people more mulitlingually accessible. For more information please contact or call us at +1.905.763.3510 x246.


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Written by Nicole Chardenet, Sales Development Rep at Yappn.

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