Parlez-Vous Secure BlackBerry Messaging?

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Secure messaging is one of the key truly business focused platform services  offered by BlackBerry and regardless of the technology or the device, there is a need for corporate communications to be secure. The last thing any corporation wants is for their private communications to be the next headlined WikiLeaks release.

BlackBerry will soon release its BBM Enterprise SDK (Software Developer Kit) to the market which will allow developers to build BlackBerry’s secure messaging into their own apps using this newest CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) with much of the current technology layers of complexity removed.

BBM Enterprise is built with best of class enterprise-level security. Its major differentiator is that no other existing communications platform offers developers and users this level of encryption and security for text  messaging, voice and video. The end-to-end encryption security isn’t complicated by having to add third-party encryption solutions which many communications platforms use.  Instead, it is entirely BlackBerry’s own technology platform. Third party solutions require developers to integrate with both the third party encryption agent as well as the messaging provider which is expensive in many ways and cumbersome as a solution. With BBM Enterprise SDK, the third party integration necessities are eliminated, reducing technology overhead and foot print size and reducing associated cost and time to deploy.

Real-time automatic language translation delivered securely becomes possible with BBM Enterprise SDK and Yappn’s solutions framework integration. One party can have a completely secure and confidential text message conversation with another and in differing native languages.  In the globally connected world we live in, those business text exchanges need to occur in a multilingual secure environment – even when neither person speaks the other’s language.

“The digYappn CEO Ed Karthausital world is redefining the way people, businesses and governments work. To tap the full potential of global sales or improve the way people work together that speak different languages, eliminating language barriers is a must.  We are thrilled to be working with BlackBerry and their new BBM Enterprise SDK.  Together we can provide secure multi-language communication and allow people to do business in the language of their choice.”

                         – Ed Karthaus, President & CEO of Yappn Corp.


Yappn’s developers will be able to integrate real-time automatic language translation for secure BlackBerry Messaging conversations. Even if one party speaks German and the other speaks French. Yappn’s solutions framework, via BlackBerry Secure Messaging, will translate a German message into French and vice versa. The two parties won’t even realize they’re not talking to a speaker of their native language.



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