Magento Language Translation Made Easy: Yappn & Aheadworks

Magento-based eCommerce store owners can now localize their websites in over 100 languages through Yappn’s exciting new partnership with Aheadworks, an eCommerce web development specialist and an Official Magento Enterprise Developer and Enterprise Partner. We went mega-Asian when we implemented a huge translation project for Singapore online retailer Reebonz, and now we’re going Belarusian. Vydatna!

Aheadworks logoAheadworks may be Minsk-based but on the Internet they’re everywhere. The crack Yappn sales and marketing team visits a lot of eCommerce sites every day and we found Aheadworks listed as partners all over the world. It pointed to a widespread trust in them we found appealing. Some pretty impressive clients trust them too – Aheadworks boasts Burger King, Ghirardelli, Coca-Cola and Zumiez as customers.

Next we visited Aheadworks’s lengthy partner list which didn’t show any in the way of store localization, so we reached out to Vitaly Verbitsky, VP of Partnerships & Sales who was enthusiastic about a potential relationship with a Magento language translation partner. There are a few Magento language packs but they’re basic and don’t offer the full-fledged variety of over a hundred languages that Yappn Translation System does, along with the human post-editing required to ensure a more accurate, fully localized, properly spelled, contextually-reviewed, and offense-free language translation.

Aheadworks offers Yappn’s Microsoft Azure-hosted Magento language translation service as an additional add-on for Magento 1 and 2. It’s a stem-to-stern localization solution including website, shopping cart and customer care translation. There’s also the ability for multilingual vendors to upload their regular product and description additions and changes in their own language for automatic translation into the eCommerce marketplace website’s language(s).


No magic sauce or even eleven secret herbs and spices. Here’s how Yappn Translation System works better than a plug-in single-source translation widget:

Yappn's technology system for Magento language translation

All this happens in a fraction of a second, so there’s no discernible lag to the human eye. Yappn’s YTS (Yappn Translation System) detects a visitor’s preferred language via their browser or device language setting and displays that language


As a top Magento application developer and supporter, Aheadworks will enable Yappn to deliver better value to Magento customers. The combination of Aheadworks’ world-leading experience in Magento app development and Yappn’s disruptive and cost-effective translation solution means that Magento customers will receive the best possible service.  Here’s what you get when from Yappn Translation System:


  • Translation Integration API;
  • Basic Machine Training to industry specific segment;
  • Reporting;
  • Editing Tools;
  • SEO optimization.


That last point is extremely important and too often overlooked in translation implementations, human or machine. It serves a website no good to properly localize if visitors can’t find the website through Google searches, which they’ll conduct in their own language if they don’t feel comfortable with English. Think about it: If you lived and worked in a country where you barely spoke the dominant language if even at all, would you want to muddle through one of their websites or would you search for what you wanted in your own language and purchase from the one you can understand?                      

Belarus flag with quote by Aheadworks' Vitaly Verbitsky

Then Aheadworks saw the Yappn Translation System in action.


What we really like about Aheadworks, apart from their sterling Magento credentials and experience, is how much Magento-relevant and helpful information one can find on their website, far beyond the usual marketing plugs. In addition to a top-notch blog full of valuable content on how to make the most of your Magento eCommerce store, they also offer Magento themes, a small business kit, a pack bundle, and other services including custom development, Magento 2 migration, performance optimization and installation. Aheadworks was established in 2001 and being located on the Russian western border puts them conveniently between Europe and Asia. What we love most of all is their extensive and broad partner plan and the commitment they show their partners.

We’re excited about this new partnership with Aheadworks. Together, we’ll help Magento language translation clients communicate better with their prospective new customers and open up new markets on the home front and cross-border. Magento language translation just got a lot easier.

 Aheadworks's Magento language translation submit request button

Click here to submit a request to Aheadworks for their Magento 1 & 2 language translation for eCommerce stores





Yappn Corp is an enhanced machine translation company with a strong Asian eCommerce presence who will never confuse Magento with Magneto, a Marvel comics mutant supervillain. Aheadworks is an eCommerce specialist who can come up with more cool Magento hacks than MacGyver, if he’d been an apps developer. For more information please contact or call us at +1.905.763.3510 x246. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn!


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Written by Nicole Chardenet, Sales Development Rep at Yappn


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