Go Global with multilingual eCommerce

Expand your reach in real-time with machine translation in context

It’s easy for your eCommerce website to get lost in translation
We’ve all seen some hilariously bad translations while shopping online. And while they’re entertaining, they typically don’t inspire us to take out our cards and make purchases. Your global customers feel the same way—the worse your site’s translations are, the higher your bounce rate can be. To successfully speak the same language as all of your customers, consider the following challenges:

Words without context
Traditional widget-generated machine translations employ a “word-for-word” approach. The result is speedy but doesn’t always reflect the essence of the original text. Context (cultural, political, and ethnic), syntax, and meaning are hard to capture through generic approaches to machine translation. Keep context and customers with a solution that translates words and the unique context of your industry or brand.
Slow and costly human translations
New markets for your eCommerce website often call for new bilingual staff, so scaling to accommodate significant global growth can be costly. While human translation provides more accurate results compared to machine translation, it requires more money for wages and extended turnaround time for delivery. Keep growth a good thing. Look for a solution that’s easy to deploy and offers real-time translation without sacrificing accuracy.
Scalability: every business wants it, but in a world where customers want end-to-end eCommerce experiences in their chosen languages, not every business can find it. Instead of localizing 1,000-word product descriptions for multiple sites, look for a solution that translates a variety of languages—especially languages in the fastest-growing eCommerce markets—
within a single site.
“Yappn allows for large-scale translations to be executed at a fraction of the cost of human translation and at the speed and quality we require given the scale and fluidity of our product offering.”
—CTO, Reebonz.com

Now we’re talkin’
With eCommerce Translation, Yappn differentiates itself from traditional solutions by translating context and syntax along with words—preserving accuracy, meaning, and relevance from one language to another. Yappn users can:
Speak the customer’s—and industry’s—language
After an initial translation, Yappn applies a final overlay that allows organizations to accurately translate context and syntax. This overlay uses “lexicons”—custom dictionaries designed to improve a translation by increasing its relevance to the commercial content. Following deployment, organizations can customize and optimize lexicons for industry, brand, or both. They can do so with help from the Yappn service team or by using Yappn tools to make additions and revisions themselves.
Get real-time translation after rapid deployment
Yappn leverages the power of multiple machine translation (MT) providers, recognizing that many providers produce better results in certain languages than others. These aggregated translations then pass through Yappn proprietary algorithms and enhancement processes.
The results are:
• Real-time translation in up to 67 languages and counting, including simplified and traditional Chinese, the primary languages of the largest eCommerce market in the world
• Higher search engine rankings due to aggregated web traffic
• Product descriptions in languages relative to merchants and customers—regardless of the original language used for bulk uploading—courtesy of the Vendor Input Manager tool

Start Yappn in less time.  Yappn is hosted on the cloud, making system integration easy with a robust API. Because Yappn offers single-site translation, organizations get and manage multiple translations through one eCommerce website.
Engage customers around the globe With Yappn, you can provide your customers the same level of service that Yappn gives you. For organizations with existing chat portals, Yappn Customer Care lets customer service representatives and consumers communicate freely with one another, each in their preferred language. Plus, Yappn can auto-detect online or mobile users’ languages to serve them translated content as soon as they visit your site.

Enhanced translation with an enhanced cloud
Yappn runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, making it easier to process large amounts of data every month while maintaining accuracy and responsiveness. Together, Yappn and Microsoft Azure provide speed, security, and reliability, delivering solutions that make multilingual eCommerce possible.

The partnership between Yappn and Microsoft Azure offers:

Worldwide accessibility Microsoft Azure runs on a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters across 26 regions, making it the best cloud service offered by Microsoft. With this type of connectivity, Yappn can run efficiently and perform consistently wherever you are—and without delays in delivery due to country-to-country regulations.
Peace of mind As the first cloud provider to be recognized by the European Union’s data protection authorities for its commitment to rigorous privacy laws, Microsoft Azure continues to pioneer cloud data security. As a result, you can trust that your data is safe with Yappn.
Trusted cloud service Designed to handle any type of workload, Microsoft Azure supports more than 66 percent of Fortune 500 companies. Azure provides companies like Yappn scalability by monitoring cloud consumption and automatically replicating instances to meet growing demands and maintain speed. Whether you’re translating product descriptions or customer service communications,

Language need not be a barrier to growth.

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