Yappn installs a small switch on your store that detects the users language and if it is one you are offering displays that language to the user. The user can switch the language to another offered language using this switch.

Yes we create and host a database of the translations from your store that is called to display based on the language selected. This technology does not create a second store but simply adds a customizable language selector.  Your store will operate as it did before except it will be available to more people.

When translating text that is grammatically correct the basic Yappn plugin produces high fidelity translations. If the text is more relaxed in structure or has a lot of slang the results can be comprehended but are not optimal. That’s why we provide you tools in the My Translations section of the portal to make it better.
Yappn offers additional services such as enhanced lexicon development and human translation services.  If this interests you please contact us at sales@yappn.com and we can discuss your requirements further.
Machine translation is one component of what we provide. Before we translate we fix common spelling mistakes missing accents etc., determine the context of a sentence and apply overrides of human translated terms specific to eCommerce. The libraries of human verified terminology are called lexicons.  Yappn can create more extensive lexicons tailored for your company to increase the translation fidelity.  Contact us at services@yappn.com to find out more. We also provide you the tools to include your own terminologies such as brand names that you don’t want translated.
  1. When your website displays in another language the URL will reflect the language choice. For example: yourstore.com/?locale=fr for French. This url format is consistent and allows for the website to be registered as a separate property with search engines. For Google simply go to this link: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url?continue=/addurl and for each language, copy and paste your URL with the locale into the space provided.
  2. Meta data will change with the store language. A German consumer looking to buy a wristwatch will search for Armbanduhr. Your website meta data must contain the words in a consumers language in order for the search engines to find and present the results to them.
  3. As Yappn enhances an existing site with translation as opposed to replicating it. Your traffic is aggregated for search rankings. Social mentions are another parameter that search engines use to rank your site. The locale in your URL allows you to socially share your content in a specific language to social accounts in the regions in the you are trying to attract.
Yes it will. The auto-detection is based on your customers browser or device settings not geo-location.  The customers will also be provided a small switch to override the auto-detection.
For Shopify and Magento, Yappn translates almost all of the checkout page automatically. There may be a couple words on that page we cant touch due to the security of the payment provider.
3rd party checkout systems may require additional coding or manual translation on the back end.  If you are concerned, reach out to us at support@yappn.com and we can assess your personal situation prior to an installation.
No Yappn does not affect currency but will work with currency conversion plugins if that is a function you would like to add.  Yappn does not affect any of the core functions of your store we are simply allowing more people to shop in it.

Please contact us at services@yappn.com


Yes. Within the portal click the icon that looks like an eye in the portal. Here you will be able to choose from 6 locations and 2 styles. (Update Sept 4/18: you can now select if the switcher floats in one location on the screen or scrolls with your site) If you require a more custom look please reach out to our tech team:  support@yappn.com

In the portal under “Image Management” you can control the images that are displayed to a user when a language is selected. This is helpful when showing products that have different packaging for different languages or regions, or banners that have text embedded in the image. It is a better practice to have text overlay an image so it will translate dynamically however, sometimes this is not possible so we have provided a tool that allows you to map and select the appropriate image from your CDN.

Click “Add Languages” in the Yappn Portal from the “Subscription” page.  If this button does not appear you may have reached the maximum allowable languages in your Tier and need to upgrade.
Yes you can.  But use caution here if you had used 100,000 translated characters for 1 language and you disable that language and start another you will start the process of translating another 100,000 characters and this may require purchase of another character pack. See the pricing area FAQ for additional information.
The Default Language begins as the language your store was created in.
The Yappn system will auto detect the language of your visitor based on their browser settings. If the language of the viewer is not a choice you have provided then the visitor will see the Default Language. You have the ability to override the Default Language to be a language other than the original language of the site in the Yappn portal under the store tab.

In the Yappn Portal under “My Translations”choose option 3.  Here you can search for text or by URL.  Simply override the translation and click submit. You can submit  multiple corrections on a page of search results at the same time.   Note the filters such as case sensitivity to help refine your searches.

Each time you make an edit the correction will add to your library and the machine will not make that mistake again.

Don’t worry we have just the tool for you.  It is a simple find and replace function that you will find under option 3 in “My Translations”

Search for the words you want to fix either in the original or translated language.

Put the incorrect translation in the “Find” box and the correct translation in the “Replace” box and click preview.  All the records that were changed will have a little check next to them.  Click accept and your site will be updated.

Note: for your safety if more than 100 changes are attempted in one shot an email will be sent to the registered email address for that person to accept or deny the changes.

There is a list of 67 languages are available to be chosen from.  You can select up to 10 language in Tier 4

If you require more than 5 languages reach out to us first and lets take a closer look at your requirements.  Maybe we can be more efficient.   support@yappn.com

By clicking the checkbox to the right of an edit in the column under the “padlock icon” a user can make an edit read only.  This is used when an editor has created the perfect translation and wants to insure another user or any automated process such as “find and replace” does not overwrite the edit.  The record can only be unlocked by the user that made the edit or the account administrator.

Please contact us at services@yappn.com


Of course but we sure would miss you 🙁  It is important to note we do not offer prorated refunds for cancelling part way through a billing cycle.

If the System is not working for you as desired please contact us first at support@yappn.com maybe there is a quick fix that we can apply to satisfy your needs.  It is super helpful for us and our other customers if you can let us know what the issue is so we can fix it.

As long as the email address registered with your store provider is the same for each store, all stores regardless of the platform they are created on will appear in the same portal with a toggle at the top to switch between them.

If the email address is different you will have separate logins.

Each Tier has a set of  limitations that include: translated page views, word count and number of languages required.  If you exceed these limitations you will be notified and provided the option to upgrade to the next pricing Tier or to hold at the Tier pricing you are currently assigned.

If your site is outside of any of these limitations contact us at support@yappn.com and we will provide a custom package that will suit your needs.

If reach your Tier limit will first be informed via email and you will need to log into the portal and upgrade to the next Tier level.  If you choose to not upgrade your no more translation will be done and only what has been translated to that point will be visible.

A word is defined as 5 characters submitted for translation per language. We don’t count spaces.  Example : Hello Susan translated to 3 languages equals 6 words.

Pageviews are regulated within the Tiered pricing system because this equates to load on the server.  Each time a Page is viewed in one of your translated languages Yappn delivers the translation to your website for that page.  As you can imagine 1 page with 10 words viewed 1 million times creates greater load on the server than 1 page with 10,000 words viewed only once.


Unless you have unusually high traffic you shouldn’t worry too much about this.  You can look at your Google analytics under language to see what your current traffic is.  After install you will be able to see a report of the traffic in the languages you provide in the Yappn portal.   We have allotted a very healthy amount of page views in each tier so unless you are running a traffic program or your site is really incredibly popular around the world you should never reach any thresholds.  Bots whether legal like Googles crawlers or or malicious should not affect your page views as they are not proper browsers and wont get picked up by our page view counter.

We recommend starting with some basic math.  How many pages or products do you have multiplied times the number of words on a page.  Its best to add about 20% to this number to account for those extra pages like terms and conditions or about us pages.    You can paste the text from a page into an online tool like wordcounter.net to determine the words on that page.

Estimate your translated using your (how many pages on your site) x (average number of words per page) x (number of languages you are adding)
For example if you have 100 pages with 250 words each and added 3 extra languages:
100 x 250 x 3= 75000 words

Yappn does a great job at not replicating translation so your Home link that appears on every page will only count as one word regardless of the number of pages it appears on.

Please contact us at services@yappn.com


Please contact us at services@yappn.com

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