Yappn Website Translation Pricing

Easy pricing reference for platform apps and standalone JavaScript installations utilizing Yappn’s state of the art machine translation system.  Yappn offers 3 levels of quality, Ecommerce tuned machine (basic offering pricing below), custom tuned machine and human translation.

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Common Questions


We recommend starting with some basic math.  How many pages or products do you have multiplied times the number of words on a page.  Its best to add about 20% to this number to account for those extra pages like terms and conditions or about us pages.    You can paste the text from a page into an online tool like wordcounter.net to determine the words on that page.

Estimate your translated using your (how many pages on your site) x (average number of words per page) x (number of languages you are adding)
For example if you have 100 pages with 250 words each and added 3 extra languages:
100 x 250 x 3= 75000 words

Yappn does a great job at not replicating translation so your Home link that appears on every page will only count as one word regardless of the number of pages it appears on.

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