Yappn updates consumer beta – week 1 recap

Yappn updates consumer beta – week 1 recap

NEW YORK, NY – July 29, 2013 – Yappn Corp (OTCBB:YPPN) is pleased to announce that Yappn
(www.yappn.com), the online multi-lingual social community where people can meet, chat, engage and
consume media, has completed the first week of its open beta program for consumers. The sponsor
driven, revolutionary communications and discussion platform allows users to chat with people around the
world in real-time in almost 70 languages about topics and interest.

In its first week of beta testing, users were provided access to create new discussion topics and meet,
and chat globally in multiple languages. Yappn testing saw a significant volume of engagement with
users working to earn points and badges through Yappn’s proprietary gamification system. The Yappn
system was completely stable and performed without issue. The average duration of a user visit was
8.65 minutes, with each user visiting over 8.5 pages on average per session.

A number of updates were uploaded this week as users provided feedback and Yappn accelerated its
feature launches. Major updates will be launched weekly to allow beta users to stress test the system.

Each Monday Yappn will provide system access to groups of individuals that have signed up for the Beta,
as well as publish a Beta Blog giving users and the public an update on the “happenings” at Yappn. The
Company is expecting to open the system fully by late September 2013.

Here’s what a few beta testers have to say:

@levi – “Addicted indeed. Tie in redemption of (Yappn) coins for a topic of interest that require a large
amount of credits and I can see users working away…”

@syiena – “One thing for sure is – Yappn is very addictive, and it’s only in beta mode. Can you imagine
what life will be like, when Yappn is launched?”

@daboo – “I love the (Yappn) platform. I find that time just ticks by as I browse topics and offer my
opinion as well as come up with ideas for my own groups. I can’t wait for this to go live and see the
number of users rocket.”

Unlike other social media that focuses on a user’s ability to connect with friends, Yappn connects people
based on their common interest and likes, creating a unified global platform for topic discussion in the
user’s native language with instant conversion into almost 70 languages. Users only see content in their
native language, regardless of the originating language. Yappn also includes a number of gamification
processes to enhance user engagement.

Yappn has already seen early stage commercial success broadcasting live events around the globe with
multi-language closed captioning in real time. Recently, Yappn provided its broadcast tools for Good Life
Networks and FOX’s broadcast of the Red Carpet Premiere Arrivals of The Wolverine movie.

“We are very encouraged by the excitement of the initial beta users of Yappn. Feedback has been great
and users are spending time engaging in the actions we set out to test,” said David Lucatch Founder
and CEO of Yappn. “As we open up the system to more beta users and select brands and “special
guests” we will also launch more features, including the Trophy Room, where users can display all the great badges they’ve been collecting while using Yappn. With the beta launch, we’re also seeing a
significant increase in commercial revenue inquiries and opportunities as brands can see Yappn in

Consumers are encouraged to sign up for their free Yappn account and beta program and can learn more
about the platform at www.yappn.com.
Like the Yappn Facebook page and follow Yappn on Twitter: @YappnCorp.
About Yappn
Currently in beta testing and set to launch in Summer 2013, Yappn (www.yappn.com) is a place where
people can meet, chat, engage and consume content, individually, in groups and by topic, regardless of
the language they speak. By removing the language barrier, the entire world opens up to an entirely new
paradigm of communication.
Yappn, with the power of Ortsbo (www.ortsbo.com) also offers a set of very powerful communication tools
where users can create opportunities to meet, chat, engage and consume in their own virtual location
creating global social engagement for private events and closed networks. Users can also connect to
leading social networks and engage friends and followers on Facebook, Yahoo!, Twitter and more.
Intertainment Media Inc. (TSXV:INT / US:ITMTF / FRA:I4T) has a controlling interest in Yappn Corp.
Yappn Corp is publicly in the US on the OTCBB – symbol “YPPN”
David Lucatch
Founder and CEO, Yappn Corp.

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