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NEW YORK, NY – April 8, 2014 – Yappn Corp. (“Yappn” or “Company”) (OTCQB:YPPN) the real-time multilingual amplification platform for brand messaging, eCommerce and customer support is pleased to announce that  it continues to expand its multilingual tool sets by offering the ability to connect images and social content, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other major domestic and globally available content directly along with video and audio files through its FotoYapp (www.fotoyapp.com) app.  Yappn is now delivering its FotoYapp first release prototype to key influencers for testing of its features and attributes.  Selected early adopters will be able to test FotoYapp in the coming weeks as FotoYapp continues its influencer outreach programs.

“Based on extremely positive reaction to FotoYapp with Agents, Influencers and Agencies, along with the event we held in Hollywood on March 31, we’re now at a stage where we can release the FotoYapp prototype to a number of influencers,” said David Lucatch, Founder and CEO – Yappn Corp.  “The current build offers many of the rich features that allows FotoYapp to share images and social content globally and in almost any language and we expect to continue to improve the offerings through the beta cycles this spring.”

FotoYapp builds on the idea that “a picture is worth a thousand words” by revolutionizing social engagement allowing images and content to be linked to each other and shared instantly, in almost any language substantiating the thought that complex ideas can be conveyed through visualization. FotoYapp creates the ability to share beyond the image integrating content from web, portable and mobile devices, allowing users to instantly connect photos and images to almost any social content and in almost any language.

Yappn is continuing its discussions with a number of Los Angeles and New York talent and entertainment agencies to engage with key Influencers across entertainment, sports and social networking to be part of the FotoYapp program.  These influencers have large global social audiences and FotoYapp will provide the opportunity for them to engage these audiences through their existing Twitter, Facebook and Instagram networks.  FotoYapp also embeds into web, online and mobile platforms allowing the application to be integrated into marketing and eCommerce programs.

FotoYapp allows users to share socially empowered images through any platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Yappn Chat and many other social media platforms around the world such as Ren Ren and Qzone), email, device or app and rewards the viewer with a completely rich experience not found anywhere else, creating People Powered Pics.

Interested parties who wish to qualify to be among the first to use FotoYapp can sign up at www.fotoyapp.com

Learn more at www.yappn.com.

Like the Yappn Facebook page and follow Yappn on Twitter: @YappnCorp.

About Yappn Corp. – http://corporate.yappn.com/

Yappn provides people and brands the power to be social, conduct commerce and communicate freely without a language barrier.  Creating successful digital programs in today’s changing global environment requires the ability to communicate in your customer’s language.  Today, over 66 Million people in the US don’t speak at home and over 67% of worldwide online users surf in a language other than English.

Yappn Chat (chat.yappn.com) allows people to meet, chat, engage and consumer content based on their interests and not just where they live, their friends or the language that they speak.

Yappn has developed cost effective unique and proprietary technology tools (tools.yappn.com) and services that create dynamic solution that enhance a client’s social and media platforms.  Yappn also provides complementary programming for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest and Tumblr.

While this sounds simple, creating a unique and dynamic social environment that transcends devices, platforms and languages takes a lot of experience and finesse. Yappn creates amplification for media messaging while increasing a brand’s global footprint all in real-time without the interference of cross language issues.

Our clients constantly think up unique ways to use Yappn that extends their growing social audience, while increasing brand engagement with today’s multi-lingual audience. We look forward to the growing need to support global amplification and provide our clients with the best services in the industry.

Intertainment Media Inc. (TSXV:INT / US:ITMTF / FRA:I4T) has a controlling interest in Yappn Corp.

Yappn Corp. is publicly in the US on the OTCQB – symbol “YPPN”


David Lucatch,

Founder and CEO,Yappn Corp.



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