Yappn’s FotoYapp adds new features making it easier to view and share social media results globally



Yappn’s FotoYapp adds new features making it easier to view and share social media results globally

NEW YORK, NY – October 2, 2014 – Yappn Corp. (OTCQB: YPPN) is pleased to announce that after a successful launch at Mercedes-Benz Fashion week and over 141 Million media impressions from and after the event, its new worldwide media and social platform, FotoYapp is launching its first major update, adding a host of new features and improving overall performance.  In addition to its current capabilities which include sharing and consuming images, videos and major social platforms in 67 languages, among the new features in FotoYapp is that social search results are now clickable allowing users to instantly launch their favorite social networks, including Twitter®, Facebook®, Instagram®, Pinterest®, Google +®, Tumblr® and Flickr® and see what people are saying about social content from around the world, without ever leaving FotoYapp.  FotoYapp is also compatible with Apple’s® iOS 8.

FotoYapp works by providing brands, influencers and consumers with the ability to create their own media content, such as sharing images, 18-second videos as well as curate media from other users and content to and from major social media platforms, in 67 languages.

Users can also apply tags and descriptions to their posts to pull in the social conversation happening around each social post from a variety of social networks based on the tag words in their own native language regardless of the originating language of the content.

Version 1.2.1, which will be available for Android® devices this week and available for iPad® and iPhones® through iTunes will provide the following updated and new features:

Clickable Results – Global social conversation results that are linked to images and videos from all supported major social networks will now be clickable and will link directly to the originating post allowing users to see the global conversation in depth right from FotoYapp.  All native posts, outside of FotoYapp will be displayed in the original posted language.

Linking URLs to Images and Videos – Users will be able to add URLs to the description fields of the image or video and the results will be clickable, opening a new window inside of FotoYapp.

Increase Font Size of Results – It will now be easier to read the social media results that surround a particular image or video with the increase in text font size.

Faster Processing – Web and App networks have been further optimized to provide users with faster load times, search results through multiple social networks and image / video loading.

Facebook® Pages – FotoYapp users will now have the ability to add their Facebook® Pages to their social content settings.

Larger Images on Tablets – Users will now be able to see larger images and video play on Tablets

Image Orientation – New feature allows users to override device setting and rotate pictures that may be oriented incorrectly as a result of independent device issues.

Official and Verified Users – The FotoYapp Official user symbol will now appear on a user’s bio along with available avatar image.

Improved Sharing – Image and Video descriptions now automatically upload in the share feature.

Follow Options – Follow and Unfollow options have now been updated to make it easier to use these features.

Notification Fix – Users will see updated notification requests and be able to dismiss the results once viewed.

Default Tagging – Users can now have standard, default tags that are automatically searched and uploaded without having to rekey each time an image or video is uploaded.

Descriptions Update – Descriptions will now appear under images and videos on pages / people that a user follows.

“We believe that the future of the Internet is about the ability to consume content without a language barrier.  Yappn’s products instantly allow content to be shared and viewed in 67 languages, making it easy for brands and consumers to create a global audience for their content, products and services,” said David Lucatch CEO and Founder of Yappn.

To download FotoYapp, please visit the Google Play® or iTunes® stores.  FotoYapp is also available as an online platform at www.fotoyapp.com accessible from desktop, portable and mobile browsers.

For more information, please visit www.yappn.com




About Yappn

Yappn is a real-time multilingual company that amplifies brand messaging, helps conduct commerce and provides customer support by globalizing these experiences with its proprietary approach to language. Through its real-time multilingual amplification platform, Yappn eliminates the language barrier, allowing the free flow of communications in 67 languages. Yappn has developed cost effective, unique and proprietary technology tools and services that create dynamic solutions that enhance a brands messaging, media, e-commerce and support platforms.

In addition to Yappn, FotoYapp (www.fotoyapp.com) provides consumers, brands and Influencers with the ability to share media content (images, video, audio, etc.) instantly across the global social sphere with all major social posts in a single environment in almost any language allowing global participants to interact with each other, regardless of their native tongue.

Yappn Corp. is publicly in the U.S. on the OTCQB – symbol “YPPN” and leading technology incubator; Intertainment Media Inc. (TSXV: INT / US: ITMTF / FRA: I4T) has a controlling interest in Yappn Corp.

For more information, please visit http://corporate.yappn.com

Corporate Contact

David Lucatch, Founder and CEO, Yappn Corp.



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Melissa Kubrin, Fingerprint Communication



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