Yappn Building Multilingual E-Commerce Stores for Licensed Entertainment Merchandise Leader


Yappn Building Multilingual E-Commerce Stores for

Licensed Entertainment Merchandise Leader


20 Online custom merchandise stores planned by first half of 2015


NEW YORK, NY – November 10, 2014 – Yappn Corp. (“Yappn” or “Company”) (OTCQB:YPPN) a leader in real-time language technology, today announced that it has signed an agreement with an industry leading entertainment merchandising company representing major music recording labels to produce multilingual stores for its artists, allowing fans to purchase a wide range of custom merchandise in their native language, creating a global Ecommerce experience.


Yappn has been contracted to produce three (3) enhanced multilingual stores by January 31, 2015 and a minimum of twenty (20) stores by the end of June 2015.  Each enhanced store will include social applications through Yappn’s social tool set, potentially including multilingual social walls and opportunities for FotoYapp as well as support tools that will allow the vendor to chat and email with customers in multiple languages in real time.  Yappn will receive a fee for each item sold through the multilingual stores with opportunities to create new and innovative revenue programs.


The music industry continues to look at innovative ways to create revenue and merchandising sales as the market has changed dramatically from just traditional concert T-shirt offerings.  Given the downward spiral of profits in the music industry, artists and their labels must source alternative revenue sources, as reported by Fortune.com in their article Music merchandise goes beyond the T-shirt.


According to Hypebot.com, Dave Kusek, author of The Future of Music, reported that the music merchandise market generated in excess of $2 Billion annually.


“The merchandising industry is an exciting new avenue for Yappn to grow our stable of brands powered by our multilingual transaction suite. This programs represents an opportunity to generate revenue from a growing global consumer market,” stated David Lucatch, Founder and CEO – Yappn Corp. “Our business model is innovative as we partner in the global business process, allowing brands to capture an increasing share of markets that they were forced to turn down because of the language barrier.”



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About Yappn

Yappn is a real-time multilingual company that amplifies brand messaging, helps conduct commerce and provides customer support by globalizing these experiences with its proprietary approach to language. Through its real-time multilingual amplification platform, Yappn eliminates the language barrier, allowing the free flow of communications in 67 languages. Yappn has developed cost effective, unique and proprietary technology tools and services that create dynamic solutions that enhance a brands messaging, media, e-commerce and support platforms.

In addition to Yappn, FotoYapp (www.fotoyapp.com) provides consumers, brands and Influencers with the ability to share media content (images, video, audio, etc.) instantly across the global social sphere with all major social posts in a single environment in almost any language allowing global participants to interact with each other, regardless of their native tongue.

Yappn Corp. is publicly in the U.S. on the OTCQB – symbol “YPPN” and leading technology incubator; Intertainment Media Inc. (TSXV: INT / US: ITMTF / FRA: I4T) has a controlling interest in Yappn Corp.

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David Lucatch,

Founder and CEO,Yappn Corp.



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