Yappn’s Windrose Global Ecommerce now available for Shopify ®


Yappn’s Windrose Global Ecommerce now available for Shopify ®

Yappn provides a seamless end-to-end multilingual Ecommerce experience for vendors and customers


NEW YORK, NY – June 11, 2015 – Yappn Corp. (“Yappn” or “Company”) (OCTQB: YPPN), a leader in real-time language technology and translation is pleased to announce that its Windrose Global Ecommerce Platform (“Windrose” or “WGE”) is now available at Shopify’s® app store.


As announced on May 28, 2015, Yappn’s WGE application for Shopify® is a Microsoft Azure® cloud recurring fee based software-as-a-service (SaaS) deliverable that is a combination of a native Shopify® application (app) and a cloud-based real-time service and portal enabling E-tailers to expand their reach into up to 67 different languages simply and easily through an automated app install without any development or computer programming experience required on the user’s part.   The Windrose app allows online stores to be viewed in multiple languages without the creation of additional Shopify® storefronts, making marketing, sales and support seamless and easy to both the customer and vendor.


David Lucatch, Founder and CEO commented: “We are excited to deliver our Shopify® app ahead of schedule.  Starting at $14.95 per month for one language, with other language packs available, Windrose is an easy and cost efficient way to reach your target markets in their native language.  As a simple cloud  app, Windrose offers vendors the ability to build once and deploy their active online stores in up to 67 languages through a single store application that adds language(s), and not work, keeping and maintaining only one store, one inventory and one check-out.  Now vendors will be able to market, sell and service from their native language to their client’s native language without the need to add a team to support the additional languages with a simple, easily installed, Shopify® app.”


Available in specific individual languages, or in combined language packs, along with online robust client portal features that allows, among other features, customized translation lexicons, industry specific terms, common domain and contextual libraries, management of “do not translate” lists, marketing, social media and customer care features, as well as analytics, the Windrose Shopify® app and Client Portal will enable vendors to create and maintain an ongoing enhanced, respectful customer experience for global online e-tailing without the need to add a team to support the addition of the languages.


The WGE Platform & Framework has been developed to seamlessly integrate with the industry’s leading online commerce vendors, partner programs, agencies and custom store developers, creating a single platform for major organizations to “plug into”, allowing customization for each system for the “last mile” being the technology between WGE and the online store or system.  Yappn’s focus on a foundational framework, rather than individual systems and partners provides a more comprehensive, scalable approach to global integration with companies around the world.


The WGE Platform has advanced language and technology feature sets that create commercially applicable language instances, allowing vendors to offer a single storefront experience in multiple languages with capabilities from first-touch marketing and social communications to customer service, creating an end-to-end enhanced Ecommerce experience.  This creates a global experience for both the vendor and customer in an efficient and effective environment, enabling complete scale of all online multilingual activities.


For more information, please visit www.windroseglobalecommerce.com or www.yappn.com

To learn more about Why Language Matters to a growing global economy, visit our blog at www.whylanguagematters.com


About Yappn

Yappn is a real-time multilingual company that amplifies brand and social messaging, expands online commerce and provides customer support by globalizing these experiences with its proprietary approach to language. Through its real-time multilingual amplification platform, Yappn eliminates the language barrier, allowing the free flow of communications in 67 languages.

Yappn focuses on delivering global reach and efficiencies without the need of human intervention, making the language experience immediate through all phases of Ecommerce, online events and content programming.

Yappn Corp. is publicly traded in the U.S. on the OTCQB – symbol “YPPN”. Intertainment Media Inc. (TSXV: INT / OTC: ITMTF / FRA: I4T), a leading technology incubator, has a controlling interest in Yappn Corp.

For more information, please visit http://www.yappn.com or contact:

David Lucatch, Founder and CEO



Jeanny So, VP, Corporate Communications


T: 1.800.395.9943 x 228

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